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“Bosnian Royal Genealogy” – Zlatko Lukić

“Bosnian Royal Genealogy” – Zlatko Lukić
23. 02. 2009, Multimedia Center MAK – Sarajevo Library, Alipašina 6a, at 5:00 PM

There have existed only geographical and historical atlases until now. Henceforth, for the very first time in the world, there exists the atlas of genealogical maps, as well. It will soon appear the genealogical atlas, where are graphically and in an easy-to-survey manner represented all the Kotromanićs, Bosnian high nobility and genealogical maps of all the royal dynasties which had a great impact on civilisation development of B&H, such as: Byzantine, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Austro-Hungaria, Russia and others.

In the textual part of the book is given the concise history of B&H with the relevant data and biographies of all the Bosnian rulers and nobility. The Atlas consists of 120 genealogical maps, 7 lists and 2 parallel tables with all the family and marital relationships between Bosnian, but also other dynasties that had an influence on B&H.

This is a book that each library, school and faculty should have. It is a lavishly produced monograph of high quality of print and paper in limited edition. All the copies are numerated and each book is signed by author himself.


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