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20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BLOODY APRIL IN BIJELJINA Beginning of the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beginning of the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's worth remembering that in Bijeljina at the beginning of April 1992 everything was ready for war and aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, the letter reads

How many years and decades does it take for prosecutors to reveal the truth of events in Bijeljina at the beginning of April 1992 and later, until the end of 1995? This is the key question of yesterday's press conference in Bijeljina that is organized on the occasion of marking the twentieth anniversary of the crime against Bosniaks from this area.

“In the first four days of April 1992 in Bijeljina , around one hundred civilians were killed. A list of 40 persons killed, including women and children, was announced by the Crisis Staff of the SDS. Despite the propaganda lies about the alleged fights, no one in uniform or with a gun in his hand was killed, no one like that was wounded, or trapped, or brought in front of the court, no one like that was seen on the streets of Bijeljina,” Jusif Trbic, the President of Preporod Biljeljina who, along with representatives of Bosniak societies, organized the press conference.

Yesterday, along with General Secretary of Children's EmbassyDusko Tomic, Trbic sent an open letter to Prosecutor Kovacevic, in which he stated that crimes in Bijeljina twenty years ago came from Serbia.
“Who ordered, organized and committed massive ethnical cleansing of Bosniacs in Bijeljina and Janja, expulsions from work, killings,
deportations, taking to the concentration camps and forced labor, rape and robbery, confiscation of property? If you don't know anything about that, you should ask Vojkan Durkovic and the former authorities. Who ordered and carried out the demolition of all mosques in Bijeljina and Janja in just two days in March 1993?” the letter signed by Trbic and Tomic says.

Further in the letter, they ask who killed the children two, four, six and ten years old – children of the Isic, Sarajlic, Sejmenovic,
Malagic, Danovic and Sajtovic families. Trbic and Tomic also asked Kovacevic to reveal the truth on the Batkovic concentration camp for which in the prison went only two guards, both Bosniaks. “It's worth remembering that in Bijeljina at the beginning of April 1992
everything was ready for war and aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the letter reads.




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