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Historija Bosne i Bošnjaka • Pogledaj temu – PAŽNJA !!! ovdje je kratak SADRŽAJ čitavog foruma i direktan pristup temama

Historija Bosne i Bošnjaka • Pogledaj temu – PAŽNJA !!! ovdje je kratak SADRŽAJ čitavog foruma i direktan pristup temama.

PROF. DR. SMAIL CEKIC Rehabilititation of Draza Mihailovic a falsification of historical facts

The process of rehabilitation of Chetnik movement and of Dragoljub “Draza” Mihailovic in Serbia presents the basest form of falsification of historical facts and and ideologically political revision of history, the director of the Institute for Research of Crimes Against Humanity and International Law at the Sarajevo University Prof. Dr. Smail Cekic said today.

Professor Cekic guest lectured today at the public panel discussion on the topic of “Character and Objectives of the Chetnik Movement of Draza Mihailovic,” organized by the Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals (VKBI).

In a statement to reporters, Cekic said that before the story of the rehabilitation itself, they have to establish historical and scientific facts that proved that this is a fascist collaborating, traitorous and criminal movement, evidenced by numerous documents including Chetnik papers from the Second World War, and his rehabilitation represents one of the forms of these crimes.

At the same time, Cekic says, he is a traitor to his own people and country and a proven war criminal in the courts, and now they are trying to turn this criminal into a victim, and in order for Mihailovic to become a victim, he has to be rehabilitated and after
that he would become a national hero, which presents a danger if the entire nation is identified with a war criminal.

“It would essentially be a rehabilitation of the Serbian nationalist ideology, politics and practice that has a continuity of the full 200 years and on whose basis the end of the 20th century again in BiH genocide was conducted,” Cekic said, stressing that this is a single example in the world and expressing the believe that it just won't happen.

Comparing the relationship between Germany and Nazism, he emphasizes that Germany made a move toward enclosing itself from fascism and Nazism, which in the end was defeated, after which Europe was formed on the basis of anti-fascism.

President of the VKBI Prof. Dr. Nedzad Mulabegovic said that this topic is always current with aspects of anti-fascism and the idea of the anti-fascist movement, since the movement remains a “testament” to the events of the genocide in BiH.

He added that the opening of this procedure is a worrying thing, however, “if it is known that Serbia is in the election campaign, then it takes the reality of obtaining the votes from those who still by their choices belong to the extreme right wing of Serbian society.”

From the Serbian Civic Council – Movement for Equality in BiH Veljko Droca thinks that after attempts at the rehabilitation of the
movement, all authorities in BiH should stand on their feet and file protests at the Russian, English, and American embassies in BiH, who would, he claims, irresponsibly relate to treating Mihailovic as an anti-fascist.

Professor Cazim Sadikovic expressed the view that we should strengthen democratic principles which will thus empower and resist all external and internal attacks, but especially those that carry the characteristics of fascism.

Before the High Court in Belgrade during the process of rehabilitation of Dragoljub “Draza” Mihailovic, he was executed July 17 1946, after the Military Court of the then-FNRJ found him guilty of war crimes and treason.



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